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Tweak Your Google Settings

The settings for Google services, including G+, are accessed via the “gears” icon in the upper right corner; settings is a meta-action that allows customization of all Google services.

Edit Google Plus Settings

“Settings” is where you’ll manage Google+ notifications, for example. When do you want an email alert, a cell phone text? Subscribe or unsubscribe by adding or removing a check mark next to each notification type.

If you love email, you can use email – instead of the web or a mobile app – as a way to interact with Google+.  For example, if you receive email notifications that you someone has added you to a circle, you can “follow back” (add them to a circle) by following the link in the notification email. If you receive email notifications when someone shares something with you or comments on your post, you can reply by clicking the link in the email. You can also mute the post and get no more notifications. 

You can also set defaults for auto-approval of photos. To do this, add or remove circles and/or individuals in the ‘People whose tags of you are automatically approved to link to your profile‘ field. To manually approve all name tags, remove all circles and individuals by clicking the X icons.

Settings is also where you connect sites to your Google account; select your language; and save a backup of your photos, profile information, contacts, circles, stream posts, and Buzz posts. Currently there are a limited number of accounts that you can connect to your Google profile, although you can add links to as many other sites as you’d like.

google profile connected accounts

There Are A Limited Number Of Accounts You Can Connect To Your Google Profile



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