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How To Share GoogleReader Items On Google+

There are two different ways to share items from your RSS subscriptions in GoogleReader with your circles in Google+. One allows you to share privately, the other is a public share. Neither is as straightforward as shares once were in GoogleReader.

First, the public share, where “public” means that the shared item will show on your Google+ profile, +1 tab.. ["Your +1's appear here. +1 the things around the web you like, agree with, or want to recommend to others."]

At the bottom of any RSS article, there is a footer with +1 and email buttons. First you must +1 the article. When you do so, you’ll be prompted to share the article with Google+. When you click inside the “Share on Google+” box, it will expand to provide you with room for a comment, a preview of the article, and a way to select circles or individuals with whom to share. This looks like a truncated version of the Google+ share interface.

Note that you can only share this way with people who have GoogleProfiles!If you want to share the article with someone who is not on Google+, you’ll need to resort to the email option.


google reader +1

1. GoogleReader: Plus1 Button


google reader share

2. GoogleReader : Share On Plus


google reader share

3. GoogleReader Share On Plus



But what if you don’t want an item to show on your +1 page?

Then you should click the “Share” link in the upper right of the black task bar. That will launch a pane in the notifications space. Ironically, it contains the same “photo, YouTube, link” widgets that a Google+ post has … but in this case they are grayed out because, well, ¬†you are sharing a link!

Google Reader - New Share

Google Reader - New Google+ Share (Toolbar Share Button)

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