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Work-Around: How To Set Up RSS Feeds For Google+

Google+ doesn’t have RSS feeds, a technology that arguably is the foundation for much of what we think of as Web 2.0. (Thank you, Dave Winer!) But that doesn’t mean that you can’t read public posts in Google Reader; it just means you have to work at it!

Step 1. Find Google+ User ID
To set up an RSS feed, for yourself or for someone whose public feed you’d like to follow, you need the Google+ identifier. This is the string of numbers in the Google Plus URL. Mine is “108740570618849247850.” Highlight-copy.

google plus profile ID

Step 2. Get The RSS Feed URL
Visit and paste the copied Google+ ID after the link:

PlusFeed - Google+ RSS

Step 3. Test!
Press the return key after you paste the URL to make sure the feed is working. It if is, you’ll see an XML file that looks like this:

PlusFeed XML

The RSS Feed Is XML


4. Subscribe
To subscribe, paste the URL into your favorite RSS reader.  (Subscribe to my feed!)

google reader

Subscribing To A Feed In Google Reader


That’s all there is to it! Hopefully Google will implement RSS before the field trial ends.


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