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Google+ Tips: Troll Protection and Circle Visibility

You knew it was coming. Any time that there a lots of human beings online, someone is bound to act like a jerk. “Real names” policies are not a savior.

+M Sinclair Stevens advises that we consider hiding the list of people we’ve circled from any eyes but those of people you’ve circled. This, unfortunately, reduces serendipity and is a barrier to those who are new to the network and/or who wish to expand their networks. If Twitter had been set up like this as a default, would it have caught on? I don’t think so.

Nevertheless, +Robert Scoble announced that he has taken this step.

google plus circle visibility

Manage Google Plus Circle Visibility

Here’s how to check (and, perhaps, change) your privacy settings for circle visibility:

  1. Go to your profile page:
  2. Look for the <Change who is visible here> link that is below your circles (on the left)
  3. Adjust the settings if desired. Note: circles are public by default; you can hide some circles or all circles; you can hide who has circled you.
Regardless of whether or not you’ve hidden your circles, it’s possible that someone might start commenting on a public post in a troll-like mannner. What do you do? Here’s +M Sinclair Stevens:
Shutting Down Comments
However, once a person has commented on a post (before you discover that they are a troll and block him), you cannot revoke his read/write permissions on that post. You choices at this point are pretty onerous.
1. Block him.
2. Shut down comments on the post.
3. Delete his comments.
4. Reshare the post.
Yes, I know the discussion will be cut in half and that people in the original discussion won’t know about the redirect (unless you edit the original post to tell them). But once a troll has trashed your post, it’s trashed.

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