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Days To Reach 20 Million Users: G+, Twitter, Facebook

On July 22, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google+ had 20 million unique visitors in its initial three weeks. The ComScore data suggested that 5 million were from the U.S. This lead to headlines, “fastest growing social network.” After all, it took Facebook 1152 days and Twitter 1035 days to get this many customers.

Google+ Growth

Google+ Growth Compared To Facebook, Twitter; Leon Håland


However, these data should not come as a tremendous surprise, even though Google+ remains invitation only.

  • Google has an enormous customer base: more than 1 billion unique visitors to its search page.
  • Facebook launched in 2003, when there were far fewer people online and even fewer with high-speed access.
  • Twitter launched in 2006 and is a niche service when compared with either Facebook or G+.
  • In the intervening years, not only have more adults gone online, more have begun setting up profiles and frequenting web sites designed to mimic offline social interaction. [Note that Google is restricting the age to 18 during this field trial.]


I believe it is impossible for Google to sustain this growth rate.

Image: Leon Håland on G+

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