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Google+ Tips and Tricks : Things You Really Need To Know

Good news! Gmail keyboard shortcuts work in Google+, and you can format text using ancient (heh) keyboard markup. You can edit posts and comments after-publishing (yeah!). You can turn off the ability to re-share a post or comment on a post.

Keyboard Shortcuts
• Press “k” to move up and “j” to move down one stream post at a time
• Press “spacebar” to move down the stream one full page
• Press “spacebar+shift” to move up the stream one full page
• Tab will scroll through comments
• When focused on a post, “enter” opens the comment box
• Press Tab+Enter to post a comment

• _ italic text _ ➜ italic text
• * bold text * ➜ bold text
• - strikethrough text - ➜ strikethrough text

• GooglePlus defaults to your last shared setting
• Click “Add More People” to add individual circles or to make a post public
• To share with an individual (or to add an individual to the share line), “tag” them (FB lingo): press the @ or + key, which triggers a scrollable box of names. Google converts the @ to a + inline and adds the person to the share line.
• Click the “x” in any shared ID (person or circle) to delete it
• If you want to embed a YouTube clip, don’t simply paste the URL in the post box (that will only create a link). Click the “play” button, then select “URL” and paste.

Editing Post-Publish (Comments or Posts)
• After you post, click the dropdown arrow (▽) in the upper right of the post to edit, delete or link the post
• Click the same dropdown arrow to disable comments or to disable resharing
• Mouseover a published comment to see the edit link (why these behaviors are not analogous is an exercise left to the reader)

Muting Posts By Others
• Click the dropdown arrow (▽) in the upper right of the post to mute the post, block the person, or report the post

• You probably want to turn off gmail notifications: Google Account Settings (top right nav bar, click down arrow beside your picture) ➜ Account Settings ➜ Google+ ➜ Adjust “receive notifications”
• Notifications are easily accessible: it’s the red box with a number in it in the upper right corner of the tool bar. You can read and comment without leaving the page you are on. Sweet!

Managing Circles
• After Google’s default circles, the rest appear in alpha order
• To hide members of your Circles from others or hide people who have you in their Circles: G+ Profile ➜ Edit Profile ➜ Click Circles box (left hand nav) ➜ Fiddle with checkboxes
• Meta-circles work-around: Create Combined Circle ➜ Click Circle To Add ➜ Click “View Circle in Tab” (this moves people into the top section) ➜ Select More Actions (upper right) ➜ Select All ➜ Drag to New Circle. Repeat until you have a meta circle. Does not update automatically, so it’s a short-term workaround.
• Mouse over a profile name to see a popup that lets you add the person to a Circle without visiting the profile page

New Nomenclature
• “Incoming” – people who are sharing stuff with you but who you have not yet put in a circle (ie, you are not following them)
• “Extended circles” are something like “friends of friends” in Facebook. Here’s Google’s definition.

Glitchy Behavior
• If you tag someone in a photo, you share the entire album with them, not just the photo (except instant/one-off uploads)

More at Google+ Support

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